Recipe: New Potato, Butterbean & Meaux Mustard Salad

What better way to use local, seasonal Ayrshire New potatoes than in this delicious and spicy salad? The addition of coarse grain mustard really makes the flavours sing in the second of our three part salad ideas series.  4 portions.


12 Ayrshire New Potatoes (more if you are hungry!), cooked and halved

1/4 can of Butterbeans, drained

Pinch of Blackthorn Salt , and Sea Pepper

Dressing – combine:

2 teaspoons Rapeseed Oil / or Extra Virgin Olive Oil if preferred

2 teaspoons Meaux Grain Mustard

1/2 teaspoon Horseradish Sauce

6 stems of Finely Chopped Vertegrow Chives

10grms Vertegrow Micro Rocket

Combine all,  and garnish the salad with Vertegrow Great Garnish Mix